[vrik-SHAHS-anna] tree pose

grounding * centering * improves balance * improves focus & concentration * increases stability * increases flexibility in hips & groin * strengthens leg muscles

MUSCLES: psoas minor * iliacus * pectineus * quadriceps (rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis) * piriformis * superior gemellus * inferior gemellus * obturator internus * gluteus medius * gracilis * tensor fasciae latae * adductor magnus * adductor longus * sartoris * gastrocnemius * soleus * tibialis anterior * tibialis posterior * flexor digitorum longus  * flexor hallucis longus


  • Trouble balancing?  use a wall for support or keep your toes on the floor.


  • Do not turn out the foot on the standing & supporting leg because this will misalign the supporting knee & hip
  • Avoid placing your foot on the knee joint. Place your foot on the side of your shin or inner thigh.

NOW is the time for yoga!


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