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virabhadrasana a

Virabhadrasana A aka Warrior 1 is a standing pose that helps to strengthen the legs, back, shoulders & arms; improve stamina & balance and increases hip flexibility .

[veer-ah-bah-DRAHS-anna] warrior 1 pose

strengthens legs, back, shoulders & arms * improves stamina & balance * increases hip flexibility 

MUSCLES: gluteus maximus * quadriceps (rectus fermoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis) * psoas major * sartorius * gracilis * semitendinosus * serratus anterior * rectus abdominis * pectoralis minor * pectoralis major * deltoid

PREP POSES: adho mukha svanasanaanjaneyasana * ardha uttanasana * ashta chandrasana * bhujangasana * bidalasana *  gomukhasana  * tadasana * urdhva hastasana * urdhva mukha svanasana * utkatasana* virabhadrasana b * virasana

COUNTER POSES: vinyasa * adho mukha svanasana * apanasana * ananda balasana * balasana * supta padangustasana * supta baddha konasana * urdhva mukha svanasana

MODIFICATIONS: to create more space for your hips you may need to either widen the base of support or shorten or lengthen the distance between the front and back leg


PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Be mindful of body alignment.

  • Align your knee over the heel to protect your knee joint; keep the toes of your front foot pointed forward

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