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Goldilocks & the 3 Yogis

“Yoga sucks!”

Is what I said after my 1st yoga experience. After my 2nd, my opinion about yoga did not improve and perhaps got worse. The fairy tale “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”, a story of a curious girl who broke into a house and tried 3 bowls of porridge, sat on 3 chairs and laid in 3 beds before she found what was just right for her. This story is an analogy for my journey to discover yoga.

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Check out some of these books for more information about Yoga & Mental Health: YOGA  PRACTICE 30 Essential Yoga Poses ~Judith Lasater Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual ~David Swenson Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On & Off the Mat ~Richard Faulds Yoga Anatomy ~Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of…

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Workshop: YOGA 101

Are you new to yoga? Do you feel overwhelmed wit the idea of stepping into a crowded yoga class? Do you sometimes feel lost in class? Do you feel some yoga classes are too fast to follow? If you said yes to any of these questions, take a deep breath and register for Chillasana’s Yoga 101 workshop.

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Prop it Up

There are yoga practitioners who shun the use of yoga props because they are not traditional. Traditionally, yoga was practiced by 12 year old Indian boys preparing for meditation practice. Since we are not all built alike and not built like 12 year old boys, props are useful to provide stability and support in various postures for anybody and any body to practice with ease.

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Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Yoga everywhere

According to a national survey conducted in 2012, the number of American adults practicing yoga has doubled over the last decade to 21 million. Over the same period of time, the number of studios opening and classes available has also increased markedly. While it is great Americans have more access to yoga, the overwhelming variety of classes offered can make choosing the right class for the aspiring yogi daunting. This is a guide to help you start to navigate which style of yoga may be right for you.

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