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Prepare for Practice

If yoga is new to you, it may be daunting knowing how to take the first step. This guide helps you get ready for your first class.

a guide to prepare you for yoga practice

Before you step into a yoga class/private session

Talk to your doctor

Prior to starting  a yoga practice or any other exercise program, consult a physician prior to beginning a practice if you: have 1 OR MORE medical conditions, have undergone a recent surgery or medical procedure and are pregnant.

Before you step onto the mat

Talk to your yoga instructor

Notify your yoga instructor prior to the yoga class about any restrictions, injuries or health changes you are facing so your practice can be appropriately modified.

Bring to yoga class


  • EMPTY STOMACH  Allow enough time (2-3 hours) to digest after a meal so that you may practice without discomfort. If you need a bit of energy, a light snack such as toast, apple, banana. Drinking a glass of water before practice is ok especially if you are headed to a hot yoga or Bikram class.
  • COMFORTABLE ATTIRE You are not required to wear Lululemon. Wear work-out or loose fitting clothing that will allow your body to move freely & comfortably while practicing yoga poses. Moisture wicking work-out clothes pulls sweat away from your skin & allows pores to breathe.
  • YOGA MAT Most studios & teachers have mats available to rent at for free or small fee. Having your own mat is best so that you may also practice at home and feel at home wherever you & your mat go.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE, PATIENCE & CURIOSITY Yoga is a practice and not a perfect. There will always be a few poses that will challenge your body as you begin and progress in your practice. Explore the poses for what they are and how they feel in your body.

nice to have:

  • TOWEL If you tend to sweat, bring a towel to wipe your mat.
  • YOGA PROPS Blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps & chairs are usually provided by the studio or teacher for use.

ditch at the door:

  • SHOES & SOCKS Practicing barefoot provides amore stable footing & stimulates the nerve endings in the feet.
  • COMPETITIVE SPIRIT Yoga is not a competitive sport. You do not need to look like your neighbor on the mat next to you in class. Competing with others and forcing yourself into a pose your body is not ready for is one of the top causes of yoga injuries.  Each yogi has their own journey on the mat with some poses that can be performed with complete ease and other poses that can be a struggle.
  • JUDGEMENT & EGO You do not have to be flexible & able to touch your toes. You do not need to be able to strike the perfect pose as seen on the pages Yoga Journal. Where you are today is where you are today. Yoga is a practice, not a perfect. With practice and time, you will see improvement. Enjoy the journey on the way to touching your toes.

“Practice and all is coming!”

~K. Pattabhi Jois

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