janu sirsasana

[JAH-new shear-SHAHS-anna] head-to-knee pose 

restorative * re-energizes the body * aids digestion by stretching the ascending & descending colon

MUSCLES: spinal extensors * latissimus dorsi * hamstrings * gastrocnemius * soleus

PREP POSESdandasana * paschimottanasana * baddha konasana * upavista konasana * supta padangustasana * uttanasana prasarita padottanasana * vrksasana

COUNTER POSES: apanasana * setu bandhasana



PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Do not try to push your body beyond healthy limits as this can create stress on your spine, knee, hip and sacroiliac joints.

  • Avoid rounding the spine or allowing your sacrum to tilt backward. Use a folded blanket or yoga mat placed underneath your sitz bones. Lift the sternum before lowering toward the knee hinging from the hip.


  • Experiencing knee pain? Use a folded blanket, mat or towel to take pressure off the knee. OR place the foot lower on the extended leg toward the knee but above the joint.
  • Tight hamstrings? Loop a strap around the sole of the foot of the extended leg. Hold each end of the strap in both hands.

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