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Research: yoga & pain

65% of patients with depression come to the doctor with physical symptoms with pain being the most common. Yoga has shown to improve symptoms of depression including pain.

65% of patients with depression come to the doctor with physical symptoms with pain being the most common 

Studies have shown yoga can improve symptoms of depression including pain:

Patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) participating in a 7 day intensive yoga program experienced:

  • 47% reduction in pain 
  • 20% reduction in anxiety
  • 47% reduction in depression 
  • improved spinal mobility (Tekur)

Patients with mild CLBP participating in a 16 week yoga therapy program reported improvement in pain:

  • 64% reduction in pain intensity 
  • 77% reduced functional disability 
  • 88% reduction in pain medication usage  (Williams)


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