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Yoga at Work

Mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, chronic stress) generate more than $104 billion in direct costs in addition to a rise in disability claims and lost productivity. ~WHO Report 2004 ~217  million days of work are lost annually due to productivity decline related to mental health conditions. ~Surgeon General Report Studies conducted in the corporate environment have […]

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the art of just doing one thing at a time. If you read job-postings for employment in the United States, it is common to see “must be able to multi-task” and “be able to work under pressure” listed among necessary qualifications. The truth is juggling a hundred things during the day leads to chronic […]

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Happy Hour

60 minutes. Shake off the stress of the day as your body flows with your breath through a series of dynamic yoga poses. Every Happy Hour concludes with a guided relaxation sure to transport your employees to their happy place. Chillasana Yoga delivers on-site Yoga + MBSR programs designed to help employees manage stress in the workplace. Employees […]

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Power Lunch

55 minutes. Take a break in the day to disconnect from technology & reconnect with your body, breath & mind. Recharge with a sequence of gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises followed by a brief relaxation. Return to work ready to tackle the next task.