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proceed with caution

YOGA PI Any time a prescription medication is filled at the pharmacy, the bag (or mail order box) containing the medication always includes a package insert (aka PI). The package insert contains important information such as how to take the medication, how ofter, what side effects you may experience and other important safety information. It is important to know […]

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salamba sarvangasana

supported shoulderstand MUSCLES levator scapulae rhombiods trapezius infraspinatus deltoid triceps brachii splenius capitis & splenius cervicis PROCEED WITH CAUTION Contraindications acute glaucoma avoid all inversions  Adverse Events Adverse events associated with this pose have been reported vertebral artery occlusion NOW is the time for yoga! Yoga Sutra 1.1 PRACTICE CHILLASANA VIDEO LINK: Stay tuned..coming soon to YouTube.  Subscribe […]

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Don’t be a pain in the asana!

With the increase in popularity of yoga and more people practicing there has also been an increase in reported injuries in the US. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has a tendency to report and focus on horrific & tragic events without offering fair balance. Headlines like: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” can scare some people away […]

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Prop it Up

a guide to using yoga props There are yoga practitioners who shun the use of yoga props because they are not traditional. Traditionally, yoga was practiced by 12 year old Indian boys preparing for meditation practice. Since we are not all built alike and not built like 12 year old boys, I wholeheartedly recommend props […]