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Salute the Sun

Surya namaskara aka sun salutations is a sequence of opening yoga poses that warm up major muscle groups of the body for the remainder of asana practice. This practice helps to create mental focus, coordinate the breath with movement, invigorate the body, improve posture & coordination

surya namaskara (sun salutations) 

surya = sun  * namaskara = greeting or salutation

sequence of opening poses that warm up major muscle groups of the body for asana practice * creates mental focus * teaches practitioner to unite the breath with movement * invigorates the body * improves posture & coordination

Surya namaskara practice has been shown to:

  • promote mental & physical relaxation
  • increase sense of ease & peace
  • improve strength, awareness & joy
  • reduce sleepiness, stress, worry & negative emotion

surya namaskara a

surya namaskara b

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