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Research: yoga & sex

Chant OM can help you with your Oh-face! Yoga has been shown to significantly improve the sexual function scores in men & women.

Yoga has been shown to significantly improve the sexual function scores in men & women.

  • After 12 weeks of yoga 40 women experienced significant improvement in sexual function:
    •  arousal, desire, lubrication, orgasm, pain and satisfaction. 
  • After 12 weeks of yoga 65 men experienced significant improvement in sexual function: 
    • confidence, desire, ejaculatory control, erection hardness, orgasm, partner synchronization, performance and satisfaction 
  • The studies involved sexually stimulating poses: 

Yoga increases the level of the sex hormone testosterone in the bloodstream which correlates to increased sexual desire & activity in men & women:

  • 11% reduction in the stress hormone cortisol  
  • 16% increase in testosterone 

Rapid yogic breathing increases sexual desire.


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