Namaste y’all!

Welcome to Chillasana yoga.

My name is Keren and I will be your yoga travel guide on this yogic expedition. I guide yogis taking their first steps onto the yoga mat as well as yogis already on the path who would like a little help navigating their yoga journey.

Whether you join me in a group class, one-one-one appointment or workshop, you ultimately are in the driver’s seat and are free to opt out of any pose or practice that may not feel right for you. You do not need to be flexible, live a vegan lifestyle or give up that glass of wine. All you need is to check your ego & self-judgement at the door, be present for the experience and not take sh** too seriously. Yoga is a practice not a perfect. I invite you to have fun as you explore the world of yoga as you build strength both mentally & physically.


  • To make yoga feel accessible to anyone with the curiosity to explore in a relaxed, safe and light-hearted environment free to let go of life’s stressors and reconnect with their body, breath and mind.
  • To introduce yoga to healthcare providers as another way to promote health and share the clinical benefits of adding yoga as an adjunct treatment for mental health conditions when medication and therapy is not enough to manage symptoms.
  • To offer a ray of light to help guide individuals out of the dark cave of depression and help tame any other beasts waging war inside the brain such as anxiety, chronic stress & PTSD.


As an avid traveler, I am always up for an adventure & challenge but never expected it would involve a yoga mat. I hated yoga at first. Like Goldilocks, I sampled several styles of yoga before finding one that was just right for me. My motivation to practice yoga has changed over time. Initially, I practiced yoga to supplement my running. Soon, I practiced yoga to press pause on life’s treadmill and release the stress from my demanding job. Eventually, I added to yoga as an adjunct treatment to anti-depressants and therapy to battle symptoms of depression. Now, yoga is just a part of my life like eating, showering and sleeping. My awkward introductions to the world of yoga inspires me to share yoga practices in an accessible, informed and non-creepy manner.


When I took my initial yoga teacher training course, my goal was to understand yoga a bit more and develop a personal home practice so that I did not have to fit my yoga practice around a studio schedule. At first, I only taught friends for fun and perhaps a bottle of wine here and there.

My biggest motivator to teach came from battling a beastly depression. Depression sucks and so does the stigma of having a mental health condition. Yoga helped me crawl out of the darkest cave of depression, reconnect with myself and rediscover my happy place. It was a difficult journey but one I do not regret because experiencing darkness made me appreciate the brightness on the other side. Now I can share the my yoga toolbox with others suffering to help make their road to recovery a little bit easier.


My happy place is not feeling cheerful when life is filled with sunshine, puppies & rainbows but being able to manage life when it throws darkness, monsters & stormy weather my way. My happy place is the ability to stay connected with myself and experience my internal and external environment during life’s ups & downs without judgment. It’s the place where I am able to stand and be present knowing “Life is good” even when it may not appear to be: the practice of chillasana.

If you’ve been having difficulty navigating through the challenging obstacles on your journey to improved mental health you are not alone. I would be honored to accompany you as your guide to your happy place to help you find your chillasana.

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Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure to explore styles of yoga throughout the US, Thailand & India and practice with a multitude of extraordinary teachers. I’m thankful for the yoga travel guides who helped me navigate along the journey on the mat, at trainings, workshops & retreats:

  • Amy Weintraub 
  • Dan Libby MD
  • Darcy Lyon,
  • David Moreno
  • David Swenson
  • Dina Amsterdam
  • Gary Kraftsow
  • Harvey Deutch
  • Ingrid Chang
  • Jason Crandell
  • Judy Weaver
  • Jill Abelson
  • Larry Schultz 
  • Pete Guinosso
  • Rachel Yellin
  • Richard Miller PhD
  • Rodney Yee
  • Rodger Cole
  • Sean Haleen
  • Stuart Eisendrath MD
  • Yogi Amrit Desai