strike a pose yoga

chaturanga dandasana

[chaht-tour-ANG-ah dan-DAHS-anna] 

4-limbed staff pose; plank

  • stabilizer
  • builds abdominal strength
  • increases wrist strength & flexibility
  • prepares for arm balancing poses
  • strengthens arm, shoulder, leg & core muscles
  • strengthens toe flexors


Weak arms?
  • Drop knees to the floor
  • Maintain a straight line from knees to the crown of the head
  • Exhale as you lower to the ground and keep elbows pinned to sides
Trouble engaging legs?
  • Use a wall to help engage leg & core muscles
  • Place soles of the feet at the wall with toes curled under.
Trouble hugging elbows to sides?

Loop a yoga strap around upper arms above the elbows so they are shoulder-width apart.


Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries have been associated with this pose

Be mindful of body alignment: 

  • hug elbows into your sides
  • keep your buttocks in line with your shoulders
  • keep your head in line with your shoulders to protect the neck
  • avoid collapsing shoulders below elbows
  • engage abdominal muscles to prevent core from sagging toward floor


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