Yoga: Friend with benefits

a guide to the benefits of yoga

Based on the result of the 2016 Yoga in America Study, more Americans are practicing yoga today, ~37 million, up 20 million since the last survey in 2012. Yoga is broadly seen as a positive activity for physical & mental health. Not only are more Americans practicing yoga today but more clinical research is being conducted to study the health benefits of yoga.

Research indicates yoga improves the following conditions:

ADHD * anxiety * arrhythmia * arthritis * asthma * bipolar disordercancer * carpal tunnel syndrome * CHF * COPD * depression * diabetes * drug withdrawal * eating disorders * epilepsy * fibromyalgia * heart disease * HIV/AIDS * hypertension * IBS * IBD * incontinence (stress) * infertility * insomnia * menopausal/peri-menopausal symptoms * migraine * multiple sclerosis * neuroses (phobias) * OCD * osteoarthritis * osteoporosis * pain (chronic) * pancreatitis * pregnancy * rheumatoid arthritis * rhinitis * scoliosis * schizophrenia * sinusitis * stress * substance abuse * tuberculosis

IMPROVES: autonomic balance * body awareness * brain function * cardiovascular function * diaphragmatic breathing * endurance * endocrine function * flexibility * gastrointestinal function * immune function * joint range of motion * memory * mood * muscle mass * nervous system function * posture * psychological health * quality of life * resiliency * respiratory function * strength * self-awareness * sexual functionsleep * stability

REDUCES: blood pressure * heart rate *  inflammation * muscle tension * pulse * respiratory rate * risk of heart attack & stroke

LOWERS: adrenaline * catecholamines * cortisol levels * glucose levels * LDL cholesterol * monoamine oxidase * sodium * total cholesterol * total white blood cell count * triglycerides

INCREASES: alpha waves * ATPase * blood flow * carbon dioxide elimination * cholinesterase * circulation of lymph * energy levels * GABA levels * heart rate variability * hematocrit * hemoglobin * HDL cholesterol * lymphocyte count * oxygen absorption * oxytocin * prolactin * RBCs * serotonin * total serum protein * theta waves * thyroxin * vagus nerve stimulation


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