Workshop: Yoga for Depression

If you are living with depression, you are not alone

 16 million adults live with depression in the US,

1 in 4 people in the US suffer from depression in a given year 

30% of depressed patients don’t get full symptom relief from antidepressants

Explore yoga as an adjunctive treatment to help you manage depression with a community of your peers. This workshop provides you with the time & space to reconnect with your body, breath & mind. Learn energizing yogic techniques that help you lift the depressed mood and observe how they affect you physically and mentally.


  • YOGA POSES (asana) suitable for all levels
  • BREATHING EXERCISES (pranayama) energizing + balancing
  • GUIDED RELAXATION (yoga nidra * body scan)
  • MINDFULNESS PRACTICES teach you how to be present, identify & manage negative thoughts without judgement
  • INTENTION SETTING (sankalpa)
  • SOUND (mantra)
  • HAND GESTURES (mudras)

The goal at the end of the workshop is for you to have yogic tools to take home work or anywhere your journey takes you.


NOW is the time for yoga!

Contact us today to set up a weekly or weekend workshop at your facility!

Yoga is an adjunct & not a substitute for medical care. Please consult with a health care provider prior to starting any exercise program.
Chillasana workshops are influenced by the evidence-based iRest, LifeForce Yoga & MBSR protocols