utthita hasta padangustasana

extended hand-toe pose

balance * develops focus, confidence & balance * lengthens leg muscles * strengthens the feet & ankles, legs, hips & core muscles * stabilizes ankles * improves flexibility in hips

MUSCLES: deltoid * pronator teres * flexor carpi radialis * flexor carpi ulnaris * palmaris longest * psoas major * iliacus * hamstrings *  quadriceps (rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis) * quadratus lumborum * piriformis * superior gemellus * inferior gemellus * obturator internus * gluteus medius * gluteus maximus * gracilis * abductor magnus * tibialis posterior * flexor digitorum longus flexor hallucis longus


  • Tight hips or hamstrings? Unable to straighten both legs?
    •  Loop a strap around the instep of the foot of the lifted leg & hold it in the hand on the same side.
    • Bend the knee of your lifted leg bent as much as needed; lift your torso to help stabilize the pelvis
  • Trouble balancing?
    • Use a wall or chair at an arms length away for stability. Avoid leaning too heavily on the wall. Once you feel stable, shift your weight and release your hand from the wall.
    • Use a chair to support your lifted foot & provide stability

PROCEED WITH CAUTIONBe mindful of body alignment. Areas of focus:

  • Keep your pelvis level. Engage your glutes to avoid sinking into the hip of your supporting leg creating instability in the outer hip & pelvis.

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