strike a pose yoga

utthita hasta padangustasana

extended hand-toe pose


  • balance
  • develops focus & confidence
  • improves flexibility in hips
  • lengthens leg muscles
  • strengthens feet, ankles, legs, hips & core muscles
  • stabilizes ankles


Tight hips or hamstrings?

Loop a strap around the instep of the foot of the lifted leg & hold it in the hand on the same side.

Bend the knee of your lifted leg bent as much as needed; lift your torso to help stabilize the pelvis

Trouble balancing?

Use a wall or chair at an arms length away for stability. Avoid leaning too heavily on the wall. Once stable, shift weight and release hand from the wall.

Use a chair to support your lifted foot & provide stability


Be mindful of body alignment.

Keep pelvis level: Engage glutes to avoid sinking into the hip of supporting leg creating instability in the outer hip & pelvis.

NOW is the time for yoga!

Yoga Sutra 1.1


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