[OOT-tan-AHS-anna] intense stretch pose; forward fold

calming * lengthens neck, shoulders, spine & hamstrings * promotes circulation to upper torso & head * activates inner thighs.

MUSCLES: gastrocnemius * hamstrings (gracilis, biceps femoris, semitendinosus) * piriformis * spinal muscles


PREP POSES: adho mukha svanasana * ardha uttanasana * balasana * prasarita padottanasana * supta padangustasana * tadasana * utkatasana

COUNTER POSESapanasana * balasana * malasana * savasana * supta baddha konasana


  • Lower back pain? enter the posture with bent knees; place your hands several inches in front of your feet or grab your forearms & allow your head to hang heavy
  • Tight hamstrings? place 1 or 2 blocks several inches in front of your feet & below your shoulders to press your palms upon as you extend your heart forward while keeping knees slight bent.
  • Weak inner thighs? place the narrow side of a block between your upper inner thighs. Bend your knees and place your hands alongside your feet. Work towards straightening your legs as you squeeze the block.


  • Be careful of all standing forward bends if you have acute hypertension, glaucoma or spinal conditions (i.e. herniated disc). 
  • Be mindful of body alignment.
    • Do not arch your upper back and roll your shoulders forward.
    • Do not lock your knees and round your lower back

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