Ocean-sounding Victory Breath

Ocean-sounding victory breath (ujjayi) is a staple breathing exercise (pranayama) in yoga. Ujjayi can be practiced in a comfortable seated position, lying down or throughout a yoga asana sequence. Ujjayi both calms and energizes the body to create a state of mental alertness. The sound made while practicing ujjayi is similar to ocean waves which makes it easy for you to mentally transport yourself to the beach anytime and experience the calm it produces.



Ocean-sounding victory breath (ujjayi) a staple breathing exercise (pranayama) in yoga that energizes the body while calming the mind to create a state of mental alertness. Ujjayi pranayama activates the parasympathetic nervous system; stimulates the afferent branch of the vagus nerve, the same target as the VNS devices used for epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression; and stimulates the thymus which plays a role in immunity.

INDICATIONS & USAGE Practice ujjayi p.r.n. (as needed) to energy. Helpful for individuals with anxiety, cancer, depression, HIV, hypertensioninsomnia, multiple sclerosis, PTSD and chronic stress.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Ujjayi  can be practiced by itself or in combination with asana (yoga poses) which helps to release excess carbon dioxide.

CONTRAINDICATIONS  Do not practice if you have asthma, COPD or other obstructive lung diseases.


  • Try not to force or strain the body or breath. Focus on fluid movements along with the rhythm of the breath.
  • Avoid practice if you have a headache or migraine.

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