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Yoga at Work

Mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, chronic stress) generate more than $104 billion in direct costs in addition to a rise in disability claims and lost productivity. Roughly 217 million days of work are lost annually due to productivity decline related to mental health conditions. Studies conducted in the corporate environment have shown that implementing mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) & yoga programs help to: reduce perceived stress, increase productivity, reduce presentee-ism & absenteeism, improve emotional & mental health, reduce disability claims, improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate variability.

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Morning Mindfulness

45 minutes. Wake-up the body & mind with a sequence of gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises & short guided meditation. Morning Mindfulness is offered before work to help your employees prepare for a productive workday. Chillasana Yoga delivers on-site Yoga + MBSR programs designed to help employees manage stress in the workplace. Employees will learn yoga poses, breathing exercises…

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