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janu sirsasana

Janu sirsasana aka head-to-knee pose is a restorative seated yoga pose that helps to re-energize the body. The pose stretches the ascending and descending colon which helps digestion and elimination.

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seated forward fold/bend lengthens spine * calming MUSCLES: gastrocnemius * hamstrings * gluteus maximus * erector spinae MODIFICATIONS: Be mindful of body alignment: bend your knees, extend through the spine & lift your chest Can’t reach feet? Use a yoga strap PROCEED WITH CAUTION: If you have problems with any intervertebral discs, be careful of all straight-leg seated forward…

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marichyasana c

sage twist stretches & strengthens your abs * promotes healthy digestion * opens shoulders MUSCLES: obturator internus * piriformis * inferior gemellus * superior gemellus * erector spinae * rhombiods * splenius capitis * sternocleidomastoid PREP POSES: adho mukha svanasana * agnistambhasana * anjaneyasana * ardha baddha padmottanasana * dandasana * prasarita padottanasana a * paschimottansana *…

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