strike a pose



mountain pose

  • grounding
  • foundation for all standing postures
  • creates stability
  • tests awareness & focus
  • improves posture & spinal alignment
  • facilitates breathing 
  • Low-back pain? Wide pelvis? Widen your stance to distribute weight & promote stability & balance.
  • Having trouble maintaining a neutral spine? Bring your hands to the side of your waist, your transverse abdominis. Use your hands a reminder to engage your deep core muscles (your body’s built-in corset that supports your spine).
  • Feel unstable? Squeeze a block between the upper inner thighs to activate the abductor muscles, engage the pelvic floor & core stabilizing muscles.
urdhva hastasana
  • urdhva hastasana (upward salute)
  • samasthiti (equal standing prayer pose)
  • Be mindful of body alignment. Areas to watch are the feet & pelvis.
  • Build pose from the feet with the joints stacked above to maintain proper alignment. Evenly distribute weight by finding your tadasana tripod & use this to create stability in all standing poses.
  • “Tuck your tailbone” is a common cue heard in the yoga studio but this can cause the practitioner to push the hips forward & loose the natural curvature of the lumbar spine & alignment of the joints.

PRACTICE CHILLASANA VIDEO LINK: Stay tuned..coming soon to YouTube. 

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