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Keren Remington MBA, RYT 500

Keren is the founder of Chillasana Yoga based in San Francisco who is a certified and experienced yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training. Keren specializes in sharing yoga and mindfulness practices with individuals who suffer from depression and related mental health conditions (anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD). Keren welcomes yogis of all levels to take a journey to explore the world of yoga and experience the benefits yoga can provide for optimal physical and mental health. Keren works with all levels of yogis from beginners to runners to veteran yogis in wheelchairs.

After a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry consulting with healthcare providers, Keren traded in her sample bag for a yoga mat. While Keren understands the clinical benefits medications provide she also knows first-hand pills are not a panacea. Now, Keren’s mission is to introduce yoga to healthcare providers and share the clinical benefits of adding yoga as an adjunct treatment for mental health conditions when medication and therapy is not enough to manage symptoms.



Keren has explored styles of yoga throughout the US, Thailand & India and has had the privilege to practice with a multitude of extraordinary teachers. She thanks her yoga travel guides who helped her navigate along the journey on the mat, at trainings, workshops & retreats:

Amy Weintraub * Dan Libby MD * Darcy Lyon, * David Moreno * David Swenson * Dina Amsterdam * Gary Kraftsow * Harvey Deutch * Ingrid Chang * Jason Crandell * Judy Weaver * Jill Abelson * Larry Schultz * Pete Guinosso * Rachel Yellin * Richard Miller * Rodney Yee * Rodger Cole * Sean Haleen * Stuart Eisendrath * Yogi Amrit Desai