[gah-rue-DAHS-anna] eagle pose

improves balance * strengthens inner thighs & ankles * stretches calves & upper back

MUSCLES: trapezius * infraspinatus * teres minor * teres major * pronator teres* latissimus dorsi * serratus anterior * gluteus medius * adductor magnus * tensor fasciae latae * quadratus lumborum * pronator quadtratus

PREP POSES: ashta chandrasana * bidalasana * gomukhasana * tadasana * utkatasana * virabhadrasana II * vrksasana

COUNTER POSES: adho mukha svanasana * baddha konasana * tadasana * uttanasana


  • Tightness in ankles? Place a rolled up mat or towel under your heels to help reduce the amount of ankle dorsiflexion. Spread your toes wide to feel grounded.


Be mindful of body alignment.

  • maintain awareness of your core
  • avoid sitting too low
  • distribute weight evenly in your feet to provide a solid foundation

NOW is the time for yoga!

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Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual ~David Swenson
Yoga Anatomy ~Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
Yoga Sequencing ~Mark Stephens