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This practice is designed to improve mental health for any adult dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic stress &/or PTSD.  Happy Hour gives you the time & space to reconnect with your breath, body & mind. You will be guided through a series of yoga poses (asanas) & breathing exercises along with other yogic techniques involving sound, creating affirmations & positive imageries. Every Happy Hour concludes with a guided relaxation that is sure to transport you to your happy place.

Chillasana Yoga provides another tool to help you achieve optimum mental health. After each session, you will receive a yoga prescription to take home, to work or anywhere the road leads you on or off the yoga mat.

**Please note: Yoga is an adjunct therapy for those undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety &/or PTSD.  Yoga is not a stand-alone cure for mental health disorders do not abruptly discontinue any medication or therapy you are currently receiving. Please include your healthcare provider(s) when starting any new treatment plan including yoga.
Learn more about the role of yoga in mental health: benefits, science & studies, precautions/contraindications